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At Motorheadz SES we encourage our customers to call around and compare our rates and services to that of our competitors. You'll see that we've made it a point to not only underbid everyone in town, but to also offer specialty services like Pick-ups, Deliveries and Onsite services. Whatever services you may need you can rest assure that at Motorheadz....We Got This!!!

$32.00 Diagnostic Fee on Most Items up to 8 hp!!!

0.2 hp - 7 hp Diagnostic Fees are non-refundable

Weed Trimmers
Leaf Blowers
Push Mowers
Walk-Behind Mowers
Hedge Trimmers
Pressure Washers
and more...

$64.00 Diag on Most Riding Mowers, Inverters & Portable Generators!!!!

8 hp-24 hp Diagnostic Fees are non-refundable

Due to the wide range of generator types and their applications as well as what symptoms are present Diagnostic Fees can vary. Typically we charge a $32.00 Diag Fee for portable generators up to 5500 watts. $64.00 Diag Fee for most Inverters.

$118.00 Diagnosis Fee on Zero-Turns and Most RV and Standby Generators!!

25 hp-50 hp Diagnostic Fees are non-refundable

Again we realize there are many variables when dealing with the larger end of the small engine spectrum so if you're not sure where your equipment falls on our rates, please don't hesitate to call.



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